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Using the new Mesh communication technology, 8 riders support

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      58 Produkte

      58 Produkte


      You can buy it at our official website or contact your local dealer. EJEASMALL shop

      You can buy it at our official website or contact your local dealer. Buy accessories
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      The devices have a Warranty Period of only ONE (1) year from the date of purchase by the first consumer purchaser of this product.
      More detailed return and warranty policy please read Sales and Refunds

      Yes, You can use different models of products together, but we do not recommend this.
      Due to different hardware and software and product functions, some problems may occur during use, I hope you understand that this is not a problem of the machine itself.

      At present, we have created a V4 and a V6 pairing operation video on YouTube, a V4 and two V6 pairing operation video, and who’s online when one exits the group after pairing. Youtube @EJEAS & VNETPHONE
      you can try to pair multiple machines, looking forward to you Video sharing.

      You can click here to view the manuals for each product

      Click to view the operation video
      Follow our YouTube channel to get the latest intercom operation videos and information. Youtube @EJEAS & VNETPHONE
      At the same time look forward to you sharing video for use of intercom.

      Single headset

      Two people talking at the same time
      Q2, Q7, V6 pro, V6C

      Four people talking at the same time
      V4 Plus, V4C, FBIM

      Six people talking at the same time

      Eight people talking at the same time

      Twenty people talking at the same time

      The intercom models that support EUC handles include: E1+, Q2, Q7, V4 Plus, MS8, MS20