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Headset for EJEAS V7 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Headset for EJEAS V7 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

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Made of high quality material with advanced technology.

Suitable for sport and event, convenient to use.

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EJEASMALL Product Introduction

  • Motorcycle

    Explore more high-quality Bluetooth communication headsets.

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  • Referee

    Keep in touch while competitions, training, aerial photography, venues or activities.

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  • Accessories

    Buy the intercom and accessories you want, there are more surprises waiting for you.

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  • Support

    Service and support. Obtain manuals, firmware, operating videos, etc.

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Bluetooth 5.1, 2-way intercom, Can use intercom and FM simultaneously

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Best Referee Bluetooth Intercom, Bluetooth 5.1, 4 people talk in real time

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