EJEAS Communication Systems Announces New Helmet Camera Recorder Features

EJEAS Communication Systems Announces New Helmet Camera Recorder Features

EJEAS, a leading manufacturer of motorcycle communication devices, is excited to announce new features for its popular EJEAS K1 Helmet Camera Recorder. These innovative features enhance the riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts by providing crystal-clear communication, superior recording capabilities, and increased safety.

Enhanced Mesh Intercom Technology

The EJEAS K1 now boasts mesh 3.0 intercom technology, delivering super penetrating power for reliable communication on the road. This advanced technology ensures a crystal-clear connection between riders at a distance of about 1000 meters. Whether you're cruising with a partner or exploring with a group of up to four riders, the EJEAS K1 keeps you connected with seamless mesh intercom functionality.

Capture Your Ride in Stunning Detail

The EJEAS K1 goes beyond communication, allowing you to capture every moment of your ride in stunning detail. Take high-quality photos and videos to document your adventures. For added peace of mind, the EJEAS K1 features an automatic video saving function in the event of a vehicle collision, ensuring you have a record of the incident.

Seamless Connectivity and User-Friendly Controls

The EJEAS K1 prioritizes ease of use with its one-click interconnection feature. With a single click, you can connect with your riding companions. The system also supports channel switching, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different intercom conversations. Additionally, the automatic reconnection function ensures a smooth connection is maintained even if momentarily disrupted.

EJEAS K1: Your Perfect Riding Companion

With its superior communication, exceptional recording capabilities, and user-friendly features, the EJEAS K1 is the ultimate helmet camera recorder for motorcycle enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of the ride while staying connected and capturing unforgettable moments with the EJEAS K1.

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