Makes the perfect, EJEAS SKI10 Bluetooth Ski Intercom

Makes the perfect, EJEAS SKI10 Bluetooth Ski Intercom

How to keep a good communication in the snow field is a key problem to skiers. Different skiing levels lead to dispersed locations, also increased  difficulties to gather together, even mobile phones are not helpful at this time. However, a ski intercom could be a life saver!

Different from the original dumb big intercom, the new launched SKI10 is an eye-catcher.

EJEAS SKI10 looks fabulous from the appearance, small retrofit greatly improves the convenience of use.

By using the Minimalist style, the retail package of SKI10 goes well with the current trend of skiing.

The accessories are quite simple. Open the box, you will find the main unit of EJEAS SKI10. The soft material on the top of the box protects the machine from damage. Under the container, there are headset cable, velcro tape, user manual, helmet clamps etc.

Say goodbye to the big body of tranditional intercom, SKI10 is compact and lightweight, easy to mount on the outside of the ski helmet.

The connection port of headset, charging and AUX locate at the bottom, so the SKI10 looks neat and orderly.

Up to 8hrs working time and 300hrs standby time, -20~60℃ working temperature, 1200m talking range under the condition of no interference all of these meet the basic need of communication during skiing.

As a Bluetooth intercom aiming at the ski market, SKI10 is easy to use but also works practical. It not only realize the full duplex communication between two people, but also capable of answer phone calls automatically, what’s more, if you connect it to a intercom via the AUX, you could make a group talk! EJEAS SKI10 is your best friend to keep you safe in sports like ski and skateboard.

Bluetooth intercom is just a communication tool, the key lie in the conveniences and the practical functions. About the fun of ski intercom, I bet you have the answer already.

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