Is EJEAS V6 Pro the Best to buy?

Is EJEAS V6 Pro the Best to buy?

Brand Introduction

EJEAS was established in 2005, and for over a decade we have been adhering to originality. With a mature research and development system and sales team, our products are sold to over 80 countries and regions worldwide. We will continue to actively develop more convenient and efficient motorcycle Bluetooth and Mesh intercoms, providing a better communication experience for more users, and strive to expand our intercoms to other fields: motorcycle, referee, skiing, high-altitude work and other areas or outdoor activities. And our star products, likeV6Pro, Q7, MS8, V4Plus motorcycle intercoms, F6 and FBIM referee intercoms have high reputations around the world.


What are the advantages of EJEAS V6Pro?

V6Pro is a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom published by EJEAS company in 2008, the technology, hardware, software, Bluetooth chip upgrades and renews yearly.

1. Clear and Stable Sound & IP65 Waterproof

V6Pro Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset uses advanced DSP noise reduction technology to eliminate external environmental noise. Even in a noisy environment of 120km/h, the high-fidelity speakers also can make the sound you hear clear and stable. With IP65 dust-proof and waterproof function, V6Pro Bluetooth intercom headset for motorcycle helmet can be used in any rainy and dusty outdoor environments.

2. Advanced Noise Control & Suit All Helmets

Featuring Advanced Noise Control to block ambient noise, cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio. EJEAS V6Pro motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset is suitable for most of full-face helmets, open helmets and half-face helmets, and the installation is very simple, you can install it according to the installation method in the manual.

3. 6 People Pair & 2 People Talk

EJEAS V6Pro motorcycle Bluetooth intercom supports pairing of 6 people, the host can choose to talk to any one of the 5 people, and the distance can reach 1200M between 2 people, total maximum distance can reach about 6km for 6 riders. Within the effective distance, the sound is clear and stable, and V6Pro motorcycle intercom can communicate well with partners.

4. Large Battery & Multi-connections

EJEAS V6Pro motorcycle Bluetooth helmet intercom is updated, battery capacity is expanded to 850mAh, V6Pro motorcycle Bluetooth headset can talk continuously for 12 hours and stand by for 360h. V6Pro Bluetooth intercom sensing range is 10m, can connect to mobile phones, GPS, MP3 and other Bluetooth devices, V6Pro motorcycle helmet intercom can automatically answer calls, play music, listen to navigation information, etc.

Highly recommended by many customers

From Kyle

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It fits on most helmets and is perfect for music and calls has a great battery life i charge it about once every few weeks.

From Eli Anselmi

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very good product, easy to use. If you are listening to music with your cell phone, to talk to the rump you have to wait about 8 seconds, not to listen to music and talk at the same time, or you are listening to music or connected with another device, it is easy to switch. Sound quality is not great things, but I believe that for the price, it fulfills with what it promises and even if you do not go walking with a rump it is an accessory that helps a lot, because you can answer calls, listen to music in a practical way, If the music stops you can play without having to stop and take the phone, you can pause, change music TBM, increase and decrease volume, etc. I liked it so much that in the future I will invest in a more premium. Arrived in less than 15 days. I recommend it.

From Ben Camelas

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Arrived well ahead of schedule. Although I have not yet used on the road, I have already connected with my iPhone and TB with each other and stopped it worked well you can hear and speak clearly. My brother-in-law said that when on the move it gets a little hard to listen to, but I haven't tested it yet. Despite the description report that it has connection up to 1200m the manual speech of 800m at most is 12m with the total quality. For the value the cost benefit is excellent.

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