EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom
EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom

EJEAS FBIM 2PCS Referee Bluetooth Intercom

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  • CSR chip from UK, makes the sound quality better, you can hear the voice in a noisy condition as well.
  • No need to press the PPT button to start a talk, instead, you can use it handsfree by putting it into your pocket or armband case. It's great to be applied in below situation: engineering work, aerial, motorcycle riding, skiing etc.
  • Support 4 referees to talk at the same time!
  • After the Bluetooth pairing, other wireless signal cannot connect to or affect the intercom!
  • National IP65 waterproof, protect the intercom from water and rain.

Packing List

  • 2 x FBIM Main Units
  • 2 x Bluetooth Referee Headsets
  • 2x USB charging cables
  • 2 x Allen Wrenches
  • 2 x Screw drivers
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 x Armband Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Our crew just bought these, pretty clear communication and they work well.

Great Full Duplex Performance

We probably use this differently than most buyers. we have a 40+ foot boat and need to talk to each other wirelessly and hands-free when docking or other maneuvers on the boat. We're sometimes in remote saltwater areas where you can't count on cell phones. There are headsets made for nautical but they tend to be very bulky and ridiculous.
Therefore when i came across these EJEAS FBIM products i was thrilled and cautiously optimistic they would work. Fingers-crossed but i have to say so far they have performed almost perfectly on two long trips on the boat. Agree with some that the initial pairing sequence is awkward and not well described in the instructions. however, the complex pairing only has to happen once. After that, the two units always reconnect, though we found that it works better if the "master" unit is powered up first. When connected, we find we can talk quietly to each other and the full duplex conversation is actually clearer and with less delays than we had using a smartphone and bluetooth headsets.

Enrique Dentone
FBIM model great for up to 4 referees

I bought this to be able to referee soccer matches. In particular to work matches that had the 2-ref system. Quality is good. Depending on the field, or the atmospheric conditions, it sometimes gets flaky and you can tell that you may be getting too far apart but in general, they work great for the cost. I have used the Vokkero and Yapalong models that cost 10 times this and they sometimes have issues too so for the price, these are great.

Hope you all can use it and have the success I have had with these, would certainly buy them again.

David Fisher
Very suitable for four hockey referees

I recently purchased 2 sets of this equipment. I made a note to be the head referee participating in the hockey finals in early December. Unexpectedly, I received the goods in less than a week. During the game, we could freely communicate with the other three referees. FBIM has a high waterproof level. It was raining lightly on the court and the weather was cold. We also completed the game smoothly. Thank you EJEAS!

Great for 2 people

I purchased two FBIMS for use while flat-water kayaking. I'm hearing impaired and my wife's soft voice doesn't carry very far over open water. The FBIMS are a great solution for our needs. The range is limited with the transceiver in a pocket of our PFDs, and pairing will drop if we get too far apart, but as soon as we get within range, pairing and communications are automatically restored, currently, the longest intercom distance tested is up to 810 meters, worth recommending!.

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