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Intercomunicador Bluetooth EJEAS V6 PRO 2Packs

Intercomunicador Bluetooth EJEAS V6 PRO 2Packs

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  • Intercomunicador Bluetooth para capacete de motocicleta com alcance de conversação de até 800 metros
  • Sistema de comunicação de intercomunicação Bluetooth sem fio Full Duplex
  • Até emparelhar 6 pilotos e conversar entre 2 deles ao mesmo tempo
  • Com o cancelamento de ruído DSP, você pode ouvir claramente a uma velocidade de até 120 km/h
  • Bateria de longa duração, 3 horas de carga completa e até 18 horas de conversação
  • Com fone de ouvido estéreo Bluetooth, suporta música estéreo/navegação de áudio do GPS, atende automaticamente a chamada.
  • Moldagem integral ultrassônica, melhor resistência à água, pode ser usada em qualquer clima.
  • Comunicação mãos-livres. você pode emparelhar com outras 5 pessoas.
  • Adequado para a maioria dos capacetes de motociclista (Full-face / Half-face)
  • Suporte ao emparelhamento com conexão EUC da alça de controle remoto da motocicleta.
  • Configuração padrão de atendimento automático de chamadas telefônicas, não é possível cancelar.
  • Rediscar o último telefone pelo interfone
  • Ideal para capacete aberto, capacete meia face, capacete frontal flip e capacete integral.

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Compatível com: Q8, MS8, MS20, K1, K1 PRO, K1 PRO+, Q2, Q7, V4 Plus, V6 Pro+, V7, E1+.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great communication

Purchased these about a month ago & I have no regrets. If you place the headphone directly in relation to your ear, great sound, even on the highway. We were surprised to still use the voice directions on maps & still talk through cell phone. As a new driver, I love that phone calls can be answered without touching the key. Which can be good or bad if you are trying to avoid someone's call, lol. I also like that they sync right up to my cell bluetooth, without trying to fidgit with it. I think the cost compared to other devices is good. I'm ready to buy another set to include my son once he gets to riding with us.

Great Product! EJEAS V6 PRO - (Long review but informative)

Note: I've never had anything similar so I don't have anything to benchmark these to.

I've had these for a little over 2 months. They work fantastic.

My son and I use these every time we ride together. When I ride alone, I use for music and for telephone calls. We ride KLR650's both on and off road. While not a quiet bike, the EJEAS V6 PRO works fantastic.

A little hard to understand how to pair at first. After watching a youtube video, it was simple. We paired them once to each other. Now, just turn them on and they link together. We also paired them to our iPhones for music and calls. No need to pair each time, do it once and forget about it.

My son likes to ride faster than me. We often get separated by 1/4-1/2 mile. When there are no obstructions, the sound and connection stays solid. If there are obstructions and distance (hills, canyons, etc.) the sound quality goes down slightly but not enough to worry about. If we do get too far apart, they will disconnect. When they do, you hear a beep. As soon as we get back within range (1/4 mile or so) they re-connect automatically.

Installation took about 20 minutes for each helmet. It was not hard but care should be taken to tuck the wires in well so the connections don't get pulled apart on accident. The plug connections are small and tuck well behind the padding. I used tape to make sure the connections stayed together. I'm not sure that it was needed but it gives me peace of mind. My son didn't use tape because he was excited to get it done and go ride. His have not come unplugged (without tape) and are working fine. Personally I have used the double sided tape (included) to stick the unit to my helmet. My son prefers the clip. I didn't like the clip because I felt like the unit moved too much when I was pushing the buttons with my gloves on.

Sound/Mic Quality:
Both voice and music work well and are plenty loud enough to hear over the engine and wind. We both wear full faced Dual Sport helmets with a face shield. The speakers fit in the recessed ear holes in the helmet. I didn't know the recesses were there until I started installing. From what I hear, most newer helmets have them. Many times we ride with the shield in the raised position. We can hear each other perfectly at a leisurely pace. If we get up to freeway speeds, the wind blowing into the helmets makes it a little harder and we close the face shields. We have installed the mini microphone (comes with a "boom type" also) to the inside of the chin. The voice communication is flawless. Very little wind noise if any at all. Occasionally you can hear the engine of the other bike if the person is talking at the same time. Voice activation is instantaneous. In fact, I think it may be continuous in both directions (I'm not sure). I've placed and received a few calls while riding. The call quality was great. With my iPhone, I can push a large button on the rear side of the unit and tell Siri to send a text message. Even with wind noise, it works well (most of the time). Sometimes she gets confused whether riding or not!

We have not ridden in the rain so I can't comment on how weatherproof they are. They do look to be waterproof. Time will tell.

Battery Life:
So far, these have lasted for our entire rides. Usually 4-6 hours. I've gone out without charging (forgot to plug in) and they lasted for another ride. I suspect they would make it for 8+ hours straight or more. I'll try it and update the review when we go for full day rides.

As for EJEAS... I had a question about the units prior to receiving and again when they arrived. The seller answered extremely quickly via email. I would/will buy from them anytime I need a product they carry.


Great value

Good, normal, item arrived in safe condition👍

Jennifer Remillard
Work awesomely

Got these to use while on the dunes. I am new to riding and it’s a perfect way for my boyfriend to communicate with me. We were using them while he was behind me and actually had me stop because my lug nuts were coming off. So these kind of saved my life in a way. Use them every time we’re out.

Easy to install inside the helmet. They stay pretty secure on the outside but thankfully they are connected by an aux port to the headphones because I have found it dangling off my helmet so if hit can be knocked off. But I’m able to clip it back on pretty easily.

The range on them is pretty good on flat land. Once we get into hills and twists and turns that range is very limited. But when we would lose connection as soon as we were close enough it would pick back up again without having to push buttons to reconnect.

Faruk Marley

Testati in strada, capiamoci, sono interfoni economici, se potete permettervi interfoni da 200, 300 o piú euro è inutile guardare questi. Se invece siete poveri come me questi sono buoni. Fino a 100km/h si parla tranquillamente, oktre bisogna gridare. Ad onor del vero bisogna dire che sia io che mia moglie viaggiamo su naked perciò tra turbolenze e rumore siamo la condizione peggiore per comunicare. Le istruzioni sono un pochino incasinate ma se ne vien fuori. Audio squillante, installazione semplice. Range discreto, allineato al prodotto.
Nel complesso siamo molto soddisfatti.