Which is the best? EJEAS V6 Pro VS V7

Which is the best? EJEAS V6 Pro VS V7

Main Features of V6 Pro

[Large Battery & Multi-connections]

 EJEAS V6Pro motorcycle Bluetooth helmet intercom is updated, battery capacity is expanded to 850mAh, V6Pro motorcycle Bluetooth headset can talk continuously for 12 hours and stand by for 360h. V6Pro Bluetooth intercom sensing range is 10m, can connect to mobile phones, GPS, MP3 and other Bluetooth devices, V6Pro motorcycle helmet intercom can automatically answer calls, play music, listen to navigation information, etc.

[6 People Pair, 2 People Talk]

EJEAS V6Pro motorcycle Bluetooth intercom supports pairing of 6 people, the host can choose to talk to any one of the 5 people, and the distance can reach 1200M between 2 people, total maximum distance can reach about 6km for 6 riders. Within the effective distance, the sound is clear and stable, and V6Pro motorcycle intercom can communicate well with partners.

[Clear and Stable Sound & IP65 Waterproof]

 V6Pro Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset uses advanced DSP noise reduction technology to eliminate external environmental noise. Even in a noisy environment of 120km/h, the high-fidelity speakers also can make the sound you hear clear and stable. With IP65 dust-proof and waterproof function, V6Pro Bluetooth intercom headset for motorcycle helmet can be used in any rainy and dusty outdoor environments.

[Advanced Noise Control & Suit All Helmets]

Featuring Advanced Noise Control to block ambient noise, cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio. EJEAS V6Pro motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset is suitable for most of full-face helmets, open helmets and half-face helmets, and the installation is very simple, you can install it according to the installation method in the manual.

Main Features of V7

[7-way Intercom & Real-time Talk for 2]

The latest V7 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset, Bluetooth intercom for motorcycle, supports up to 7 devices for connection, and 2 people can talk to each other at the same time. The maximum distance is 700 meters between 2 riders, the maximum total group distance can reach about 4km for 7 riders.

[1+2 Connection & Bluetooth 5.1 Technology]

EJEAS V7 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom can connect two Bluetooth devices or mobile phones, you can control music, phone calls, GPS and other functions at any time, and support automatic answering of calls. The newly upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 technology makes the Bluetooth connection more stable, has strong signal penetration ability, and is easy to operate, brings many conveniences.

[CVC Noise Reduction & Support EUC Remote Control Handle]

The new CVC noise reduction has clear and stable sound quality, can reduce echo and noise, provide better sound quality experience for V7 Bluetooth helmet intercom headset. You can use EJEAS EUC motorcycle remote to control this V7 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet communication system, for Bluetooth pairing, real-time intercom, telephone reception, music control, volume control, voice assistant wake-up, etc.


We advice to choose V7 motorcycle helmet intercom first for 2 riders, V7 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset is an update version of V6Pro, the differences: EJEAS V7 Bluetooth intercom can connect to 7 riders, charging cable is TYPE-C, safe riding APP, voice assistant, V7 motorcycle intercom also can connect 2 Bluetooth devices, such as two mobile phones, or other Bluetooth devices, the maximum distance reaches about 4km.

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