Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth Intercom System for Motorcycle Helmet

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology and standard for secure communications.

“The key features of Bluetooth technology are robustness, low power, and low cost.

The Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other”, according to the Bluetooth Interest Group.

Stereo Bluetooth: Allows full stereo connectivity from connected devices like a GPS system, MP3 player, iPod, etc.

Most modern motorcycle Bluetooth intercom systems are stereo and also include AVRCP capability, which provides a standard interface to control devices, such as forward/back and track select for MP3 players.

A2DP, or “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile”, standardizes the audio stream in mono or stereo to allow a connection via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Adapters And Bluetooth Transmitters

A Bluetooth adapter is also known as a Bluetooth transmitter.

This device connects to the headphone output port on an MP3 player, radio or other device and streams the data to your Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Some motorcycle helmets have the capability of adding a Bluetooth communications system, but there are pros and cons.

The system may integrate nicely with the helmet, but the owner is then committed to that system and dependent on the helmet manufacturer for updates and bug fixes.

One advantage of a Bluetooth intercom accessory system is that it can be added to almost any helmet and moved to another helmet if necessary, plus these are usually made by dedicated Bluetooth electronics manufacturers who provide regular firmware updates.

The disadvantage is the sometimes clumsy mounting system.

The Future Of Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Systems

While pairing is now much easier than the “cross your fingers and hope for the best” methods available, the intercoms have become more complex, with various combinations of button pushes or dial twisting needed for some of the functions.

motorcycle intercoms could still be made more “user-friendly”, in our opinion. And we will be committed to finding better and better solutions.

Are Different Brands Of Bluetooth Intercoms Interoperable?

This question often arises when discussing Bluetooth intercoms. This is common for motorcycle intercoms.

Bluetooth communications between brands is not possible, for many reasons, as the technology used in most systems is not compatible.

The solution is to find a system that supports the use of common radio system between riders and riders and passengers. The trick here is to find a system that really can support the use of a commercial standard common radio.

It is relatively easy to implement support for a radio via Bluetooth or as a wired peripheral, but accommodating the individual switching and transmission timings of so many different radios is the hard part.

Building and qualifying a small set of interface cables to serve a diverse range of radio sets is not a trivial thing, especially when individual models built by the same manufacturer use different specifications for switching, wiring, etc.

And believe it or not, coordinated hand signals still works well and the cost is reasonable. But, being able to chat, provide road and condition alerts to the rest of the group and coordinate everything is just so much easier, and safer with a communications system, rider to riders and riders to passengers.

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