Which EJEAS Motorcycle Mesh Headset Should Buy?

Which EJEAS Motorcycle Mesh Headset Should Buy?

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or an adventurer who loves riding in groups, having a reliable and efficient communication system is crucial. EJEAS, a well-known brand in the field of motorcycle communication, offers a range of motorcycle mesh headsets that provide seamless and long-range communication for group riders. In this article, we will explore the key features of EJEAS motorcycle mesh headsets and recommend the top pick for your needs.

Which EJEAS Motorcycle Mesh Headset Should Buy?

Key Features of EJEAS Motorcycle Mesh Headsets

  1. Mesh Intercom for Large Groups: One of the standout features of EJEAS motorcycle mesh headsets, especially the EJEAS MS8, is their capability to support 2-8 person MESH intercom. With this advanced technology, riders can form groups of up to 8 members and enjoy clear communication within a distance of 3.5 to 7 kilometers. The signal strength and penetration power are exceptional, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in challenging terrains.

  2. Automatic Group Reconnection: Within the effective communication range, EJEAS mesh headsets allow riders to freely create and join groups. If a rider temporarily loses connection, the headset will automatically reconnect with the rest of the group once back in range. This automatic reconnection feature ensures that no one gets left behind during the ride.

  3. High-Level Encryption: Security is of paramount importance during group communications. EJEAS motorcycle mesh headsets employ robust encryption mechanisms that prevent any unauthorized access to your intercom channel. Only paired headsets within the same time slot can engage in communication, providing a private and secure environment for riders.

  4. Long Battery Life: The EJEAS MS8 is equipped with a powerful 1200mAh battery that ensures a long standby time. Whether you are on a day-long ride or a multi-day trip, you can rely on the headset's extended battery life to keep you connected throughout the journey.

  5. Simultaneous Communication and Charging: To further enhance convenience, the EJEAS MS8 supports simultaneous communication and charging. This means you can continue talking with your group while keeping your headset charged to stay connected without interruption.

  6. Microphone Muting Options: The EJEAS MS8 offers versatile microphone muting options, including MESH microphone muting. This feature caters to various scenarios, such as outdoor climbing, skiing, civilian intercom, security, railway operations, and more, where muting the microphone is essential.

  7. Superior Signal Strength: Compared to other communication devices in the market, the EJEAS MS8 excels in signal strength, especially in challenging environments such as tunnels, steep slopes, winding roads, dense forests, and high-traffic roads. The signal strength surpasses Bluetooth connectivity by more than twice the range (Bluetooth typically covers around 100 meters in high-traffic situations), demonstrating excellent penetration capabilities. In open areas, users have reported distances of over 2.2 kilometers between two headsets, though distances may vary based on the surroundings.

  8. Unlimited Listening Capability: The EJEAS MS8 allows you to add an unlimited number of listeners to the group, and they can listen in from any position within the group. This makes it an ideal choice for tour guides or any scenario where broadcasting information to multiple listeners is necessary.

Choose EJEAS MS8 for Ultimate Communication


In conclusion, if you are looking for a powerful and reliable motorcycle mesh headset, the EJEAS MS8 should be your top choice. With its impressive features like 2-8 person MESH intercom, automatic group reconnection, high-level encryption, long battery life, simultaneous communication and charging, microphone muting options, and superior signal strength, the EJEAS MS8 stands out as a top-notch communication solution for motorcycle enthusiasts and group riders. Stay connected, stay safe, and enjoy your rides to the fullest with the EJEAS MS8 motorcycle mesh headset.

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