Rev Up for Remembrance: Run for the Wall Returns in 2024

Rev Up for Remembrance: Run for the Wall Returns in 2024

The roar of engines and the spirit of patriotism return to the highways this year as the Run for the Wall motorcycle event kicks off for its 2024 run. This annual trek honors America's veterans, particularly those lost in the Vietnam War, with a cross-country ride from California to Washington D.C.

The event, formally known as Run for The Wall® (RFTW), isn't just a motorcycle ride; it's a mission. Participants travel thousands of miles, stopping at significant landmarks along the way, to culminate at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

RFTW offers multiple routes, catering to different time constraints and starting points. The traditional route began on May 15th, while the Midway Route started a day earlier on May 14th. The "Sandbox" route, a shorter option from D.C. to Illinois, kicks off on May 26th.

Riders come from all walks of life, united in their respect for veterans and their commitment to raising awareness for POW/MIA issues. The camaraderie and sense of purpose are hallmarks of the Run for the Wall experience.

If you're interested in participating in future Runs for the Wall, you can visit the official website - '' for registration details and information on upcoming events.

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