EJEAS V4C Referee Intercom System
EJEAS V4C Referee Intercom System
EJEAS V4C Referee Intercom System
EJEAS V4C Referee Intercom System
EJEAS V4C Referee Intercom System

EJEAS V4C Referee Intercom System

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EJEAS V4C Plus Professional Referee Intercom, Bluetooth 5.1 Referee Communication System with FM Radio Function for Football and Handball Sports, Support 2 to 4 People Group Talking

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is our 1st time to be able to on-field communication. This is excellent for the price. No need to spend several hundred dollars. These work great.

Low cost, good sound quality

Great quality product at first glance. Everything worked, I recommend the purchase.

E. Dentone
V4C model great for up to 4 referees

I bought this to be able to referee soccer matches. In particular to work matches that had the 2-ref system. Quality is good. Depending on the field, or the atmospheric conditions, it sometimes gets flaky and you can tell that you may be getting too far apart but in general, they work great for the cost. I have used the Vokkero and Yapalong models that cost 10 times this and they sometimes have issues too so for the price, these are great.

My one complaint regarding this system is the pairing. It has to be done each time. Pairing two units is super simple. Turn the units on, hold the A button on one and the B button on the second and 5 seconds later they are paired and ready to go. To add a third unit, Unit 1 (A button in the first pair) and 2 (B button in the first pair) are already paired and on Unit 2 you now hold A button and B button on Unit 3 until they are paired. Then go back to Unit 1 and press A again.

My recommendation is to have the headphones plugged in so you can hear the messages that the system sends when doing that, makes pairing easier. Pairing is easy, haven't had a problem with it but bother me that they have to be paired each time.

Another negative is that the headset does disconnect sometimes. Most often, you just need to push the headset firmly back into the jack but every so often, you have to hit the A button again on the disconnected headset.

Finally, another thing to consider is how you are going to use them in a match. I like to put them in my front pocket, but there are also belt clips and arm bands. I discovered that I have worked with other referees that sweat a lot more than I do. When they put it in their front pockets and they sweat, it tends to cause problems. Almost like they are underwater. Not sure if it is the unit or the headset that is the issue, so for those heavy sweaters, I recommend a belt clip or arm band. And also have some tape to stick the headset to your face as the headset unit is fine, but if you run around a lot, it is easy to have it dislodged. Would love it if the headset had an Apple type headphone instead of the old circular ear pieces, but hey, they work well for the price.

Hope you all can use it and have the success I have had with these, would certainly buy them again.

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