The Benefits of Motorcycle Travel

The Benefits of Motorcycle Travel

Motorcycling is a sports activity that exercises not only the body, but also the will, energy, and aesthetic power.

Travelers value not only scenic spots and targets, but also the travel process. They value every kilometer of the journey and can stop at any time along the way to pick up the camera or immerse themselves in contemplation. Traveling is different from traveling, because sometimes it requires a journey like an ascetic monk, such as lying on the ground, a blanket, a bowl of hot soup, and a bed. Bitterness is indeed joy, rarely enjoyed, and never tire of it.

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Motorcycle travel is different from tourism because sometimes it does not require excitement, but only because it requires loneliness, feelings of wandering, unfamiliarity, cold, hunger, and even insecurity, feelings of wind, rain, snow, and even fear of the night... These all come from the deepest or most primitive feelings of human life soul, in fact, this is also a return.

So, traveling is the return of human nature, returning to nature, always the call of life. Motorcycle travel, of course, is also different from hiking and cycling travel. The most important difference, of course, is the feeling of liking motorcycle riding, which is a feeling of swimming freely in the air, in line with the fact that life comes from the ocean; Another difference is that they have a greater appetite. They also love nature, their hometown, and their homeland, and are more eager to satisfy their desire to feel, constantly racing against life.

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A motorcycle enthusiast is also different from a racing motorcycle enthusiast. His starting and ending points are always warm homes - he has a responsibility. The scenery and feelings along the way are just food for his spirit. He only makes a brief return, but never avoids or belittles anything. For travelers, the word 'safe' refers to having a woman at home (I think it's a wife and children waiting), and the word 'all' refers to being the king, which means life is of paramount importance. Everything must be discussed while ensuring life.

So, what travelers value is the entire safe journey of life, whether it's fast or slow, and never try to be fast in an instant. A motorcycle enthusiast is also different from a photography enthusiast. For him, what he values more is the experience, the thrill that hits his heart. Of course, if he can capture good pictures, it is not impossible to share them with his family, but he must not pursue equipment skills or deliberately pursue anything. Random capture is fate and fortune.

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Travelers sometimes also need to share, and when facing the beautiful scenery and local customs before them, they will also think of how great it would be if their loved ones and loved ones could feel together at this moment. So sometimes, conditions permit, he will bring his wife and children, although he cannot go far, he is also happy and harmonious.

Motorcyclists may like motorcycles, travel, photography, challenges, computer and internet, writing, history, local customs, beauty of rivers and mountains, forests, flowers and plants, mountains and seas. In fact, motorcycle riders are a group of ordinary people who may not be professionals, but they definitely have high comprehensive qualities and moral integrity.

a group of people riding motorcycles down a road

For travelers, traveling is actually just a way of life and a way to experience and enjoy life. Travelers are a group of simple people, and traveling is their simple way of life.

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