How to Make Motorcycle Riding Safe for Motorcyclists?

How to Make Motorcycle Riding Safe for Motorcyclists?

After research and scientific argumentation, motorcycle riding can help maintain the highest level of brain function, and both physically and mentally, motorcycle riders are more acutely aware of the dangers during driving.

Generally, people who ride motorcycles will have several friends who also ride motorcycles. When everyone rides together, chatting loudly is a very laborious and dangerous thing.

bmw motorcycle

So, how do you make it easy for motorcycle riders to chat?

This has to mention motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, as they are lightweight and more suitable for cycling compared to regular FM intercom. At present, there are many Bluetooth intercom specifically designed for motorcycle helmets on the market, and different brands and models may have differences in functional performance.

ejeas q2

A typical Bluetooth intercom is for two people to talk to, such as EJEAS Q2. Of course, there are also multi person intercoms, and currently the Bluetooth intercom can achieve multi person intercoms with around 2-20 people.

The vast majority of Bluetooth intercom have a call distance between 10-2000 meters. The Q2 mentioned above has a intercom distance of 800 meters, which can easily be interrupted at high speeds. After all, if you accidentally increase the speed or insert a few cars in the middle, the distance will be pulled away, so this model is more suitable for front and rear seat intercom.

ejeas v6 pro

EJEAS V6 Pro can achieve a real-time intercom distance of 1200 meters without interference, and can be paired with 5 or less machines in advance to switch intercoms. Don't misunderstand that it can pair with 5 machines does not mean it can talk at the same time. This is only a Bluetooth intercom with 2 people talking at the same time, and cannot be used by more than 3 people at the same time.

The multiplayer Bluetooth intercom currently has around 3-5 people, with two of the best-selling models EJEAS Q7 and V6 Pro.

ejeas v4 plus

EJEAS V4 Plus is a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom suitable for real-time calls between 2-4 riders. During the testing phase, the V4 Plus intercom distance can reach 2000 meters, but this is actually around 1200 meters without any interference.

ejeas q8 mesh intercom

There is also a Mesh & bluetooth intercom Q8 with a motorcycle handle. This Mesh & bluetooth intercom can have up to 6 real-time talkers and is equipped with a professional motorcycle handle, making it safer and more convenient to use.

EJEAS motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom can generally answer and make calls, listen to music, and navigation voice. Compared to ordinary headphones and Bluetooth headphones, the sound quality is higher in high-definition, especially when riding at high speeds, and the sound is still very clear. And it also has wind and noise reduction function, and is excellent in waterproofing, after all, it is quite common in the wild when it rains.

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