Bluetooth vs Mesh Motorcycle Intercom: What's the difference?

Bluetooth vs Mesh Motorcycle Intercom: What's the difference?

With technology advancements, motorcyclists can now enjoy clear and uninterrupted communication between their fellow riders through Bluetooth or mesh intercoms.

Bluetooth Walkie-Talkies

Bluetooth intercom technology sends radio signals to connect with other riders directly. It allows two people to communicate at a time. The limitations of Bluetooth technology are its range since it only works up to a specific distance.

Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms are suitable for small distance communication, and they are less expensive than mesh networks. They require no complex setup, making them ideal for riders who want an easy-to-use communication option.

We recommend the EJEAS Q7 (supporting Bluetooth 5.1) as an excellent example of a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom that is budget-friendly yet equipped with premium features such as high-def sound and hands-free calling.

Mesh Intercom Network

The mesh network intercom is unique and provides more flexibility and better coverage over longer distances. In contrast to Bluetooth, it allows riders to communicate through intermediaries using a 'web of connections.'

Mesh networks can accommodate groups with superior range and connectivity. It connects riders automatically based on proximity—for example, if one member disconnects, another rider will join.

EJEAS MS8 is an example of a versatile motorcycle mesh intercom ideal for big groups. The product supports MESH capabilities that allow members to connect within a range of 3.5-7KM. Additionally, with advanced encryption, added versatility, and longer battery life than Bluetooth, this product delivers improved communication and higher performance.


While both technologies use radio frequencies, mesh technology impresses when it comes to larger ranges, group sizes, and a more stable web of connections with added security options. However, Bluetooth continues to offer an affordable, simple solution for personalized, distant communication while riding your motorcycle.

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