Why do motorcycle guys wave low?

Why do motorcycle guys wave low?

Have you ever noticed that, while cruising down the road on their motorcycles, riders tend to wave low at each other instead of up high like most people do? Here's why.

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The Motorcycle Community

Motorcycle riders are part of a close-knit community who share a mutual love for the open road and adventurous rides. It's an unspoken bond that runs deep, regardless of individual style or the type of motorcycle they ride.

When riders come across fellow bikers, they tend to exchange waves or nods as a sign of recognition, respect, and camaraderie.

motorcycle guys wave low

The Low Waving Gesture

The low wave is preferred as it allows riders to keep their focus on the road without risking their safety. Nodding up high might mean taking time to move your head and look away from ahead. Hence, the low wave became the norm, which is more natural and safer.

The rider extends their left hand, keeping it low without disrupting their riding posture. Other factors also contributed to the low wave becoming popular: gloves make it difficult to wave up high, and taller bikes might require harder-to-reach hand movements.

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In conclusion, the reason that motorcycle riders wave low is primarily to maintain their safety while showing camaraderie and respect for other riders on the road. It is just another social bond that adds to the already exciting and adventurous culture of the motorcycling world.

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