Can Motorcycles Become a Safe Choice for Public Transport During Covid-19

Can Motorcycles Become a Safe Choice for Public Transport During Covid-19

The relaxing of the coronavirus lockdown and a desire to get the economy fired up again has posed a number of practical problems. One of the primary concerns, especially for those who live in cities, is how to commute to work while maintaining appropriate social distance.

Public transport is currently working at very limited capacity, due to social distancing regulations. Bicycles are being pushed as an alternative by the government, with schemes being set up in the UK’s cities to re-allocate road space from cars to bikes. Push bikes, though, are not suitable for those who have a long way to travel — or are exercise averse.

Cars, though practical, comfortable and capable of going long distances, cost a lot and, despite taking up a fair amount of road space, aren’t encouraged for ride-sharing right now due to the risk of virus transmission.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is currently pushing motorbikes as an “affordable, economical [and] fun” alternative. Alongside manufacturers, motorcycle publications and industry specialists, the association has recently launched the #UnlockYourFreedom campaign with a view to attracting new motorcyclists. Its mantra is: “The safest way to commute is in isolation, and the most isolated way of travelling is on two-wheels.”

MCIA CEO, Tony Campbell, said: “Powered Two Wheelers are the perfect solution to the current Government advice of avoiding public transport. We are looking to every biker, industry connection and two-wheeled advocate to get behind the campaign to open up powered two wheelers to the masses and highlight the very real benefits of travelling on two-wheels.”

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