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EJEAS Q8 Motorradhelm Mesh Intercom Headset

EJEAS Q8 Motorradhelm Mesh Intercom Headset

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EJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh HeadsetEJEAS Q8 Mesh Headset
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Works great, pairs with BT-S3 Bluetooth intercom

I have the BT-S3 intercom on my Bell helmet and when I upgraded to a Shoei helmet I decided to get another intercom for that one too, went with the EJEAS Q8. Both units can be paired as intercoms with each other. You definitely need to check out the manual on how to do that, but I had no issues with the connection so far.This Q8 unit has a bit of a learning curve in terms of controls/functions, I would say the controls on the BT-S3 are a bit more intuitive. However, the big advantage of the Q8 is that the charging cable is a standard Micro USB cable, and has its own charging port. Meaning unlike with the BT-S3 you don't need to unplug the speaker/mic cable harness which connects through a Mini USB port.Both units work very well for riding and listening to podcasts. The BT-S3 seems to be a tiny bit louder but then the Q8 seems to have a better sound. If you plan to listen to music I would spend the extra money on the Q8.So far I had no issues in terms of connectivity, battery life or sound quality.

Must have accessory for any rider.

This intercom system is incredibly amazing! Ease of use, connectivity with other riders makes this one of the best investments any rider can make. No more taking off my helmet to communicate better.. haha! Highly recommend! Get out there & ride safe!!


I purchased the 2 pack because I have 2 helmets Scorpion exor710 and a AGV k5s. All my riding buddies from new jersey have these and we all link together perfectly with all com systems! Recently I crashed my Bussa with the com system on my helmet the AGV and it held up perfectly fine still working with no damage at all and I flipped up over a curb after sliding about 15 feet after I hit the ground on the side where the com system was at. and it still works!!!! They have me as a customer for life. All my crew has them now we like 10 deep. so trust me if you buy this BT com system you will not be disappointed the music is loud and you can here up to about 60-80 mph but you know after that if your pipe loud that's it. You can share music, gps maps will talk to you, and so much more. Get these your wallet will thank you later!!!

Saurabh Ghare
Awesome product

one of the best product so far in this price

Ken Lang
This is an awesome product

I've never used communications before on my motorcycle, but some friends of mine convinced me to go on an off road motorcycle run this past weekend. My first off road trip in over 25 years. In the group text they were talking about their Ejeas Q8 units so I decided to buy one. Lets just say I was thoroughly blow away with the quality and sound. When I first put it in my helmet and testing the sound with music off my phone, I was utterly amazed at the quality. I don't think the sound system in my car was this good. I then made a test call to my daughter, again, the sound was amazing and she couldn't even tell I was using a Bluetooth device. Using the intercom while on the run was an incredible experience. Getting updates on the trail ahead, or when someone went down, being able to know right away that they were ok. I don't think I'll ever ride without this again. Whether on road or off this is a quality system and I highly recommend it.