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EJEAS V6 Pro Bluetooth-Gegensprechanlage für Motorräder

EJEAS V6 Pro Bluetooth-Gegensprechanlage für Motorräder

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  • Bluetooth-Gegensprechanlage für Motorradhelme mit einer Sprechreichweite von bis zu 800 Metern
  • Drahtloses Vollduplex-Bluetooth-Intercom-Kommunikationssystem
  • Bis zu 6 Fahrer koppeln & Gespräche zwischen jeweils 2 von ihnen führen
  • Mit der DSP-Geräuschunterdrückung können Sie bei einer Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 120 km/h deutlich hören
  • Lange Akkulaufzeit, 3 Stunden vollständiges Aufladen und bis zu 18 Stunden Sprechzeit
  • Mit Stereo-Bluetooth-Headset, unterstützt Stereo-Musik/Audionavigation über GPS, automatische Anrufannahme.
  • Ultraschall-Integralformung, bessere Wasserbeständigkeit, kann bei jedem Wetter verwendet werden.
  • Freihändige Kommunikation. Sie können sich mit anderen 5 Personen paaren.
  • Passend für die meisten Motorradhelme (Fullface/Halfface)
  • Funktioniert gut mit Schiedsrichter-Headsets für Fußballspiele (3–4 Stück für eine Schiedsrichtergruppe).
  • Telefonanrufe automatisch annehmen – Standardeinstellung, kann nicht abgebrochen werden.
  • Wählen Sie die letzte Telefonnummer über das Intercom erneut
  • Ideal für Jethelme, Halbvisierhelme, Klapphelme und Integralhelme.
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SafeRiding APP

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Kompatibel mit: Q8, MS8, MS20, K1, K1 PRO, K1 PRO+, Q2, Q7, V4 Plus, V6 Pro+, V7, E1+.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Michael Harper
Well worth the money

I've been wasting my time trying different affordable earbuds for riding. I can never hear music clearly or they fall out and annoy you the entire ride and it's just downright uncomfortable. I'm so happy that I got this setup. If you're in the market you know that similar products by competitors are double the price. Just buy this one, you won't be disappointed. FYI, I don't use the microphones so I can't speak to the quality of them but the speakers are great.

Quality for the price.

Overall I am extremely happy with the EJEAS V6 PRO-works similarly to Sena for a fraction of the cost-sound quality is very good if you have them set in the right spot (I put my helmet on with no padding and used my fingers to decide where to place them).-microphone quality is great and you do not need to yell for others to hear you.-battery appears to last as long if not longer compared to my previous sena smh-10Cons:-instructions are useless, they don't explain how to set anything only show what parts are in there.- the 3m tape doesn't hold well when you have to push buttons, add the metal bracket to fix this issue-every time they charge we have to repair the two headsets even though me and my fiancee only ride with each other (they should hold who it is paired to like it does for the Bluetooth and your phone)-cover for the charge port broke off on day 1 due to weak rubber so it isno longer water resistant as much.Overall, my complaints are minimal just like my cost so I am giving this 5 stars. The construction is solid, sound quality is good, battery life is better than expected for the cost. Complaints lie with the software, and the cover for the charge port but at half the cost of name brand I'm okay with these downsides. I will update this in about 6 months if there are any changes to my opinion.

Walt Isbell
Must have

Works perfect.... easy install

David Portilla
Excelente producto

Mu buen producto para el precio, se puede conectar con varios intercomunicadores y se puede escuchar música entro otras opciones que trae

Eli Anselmi
Excellent features, value and quality for the price

I did not want to spend the $$ for the Cardo system, just didnt see the value there. After looking through reviews of motorcycle com systems and prces, I settled on the EJEAS system due to features, ease of use and price. I can say that I am 100% pleased and satisfied with what I have, it actually performs better than expected. I have it installed on my helmet and my wife's helmet, and it works really well, with pretty good noise cancellation. Installation was easy (just removing pads inside the helmet & using supplied velcro stickers. Pairing is supper easy. Only thing I would recommend EJEAS would be to provide some sort of attachment for the mic for full face helmets. I just used a small piece of electric tape and done! Perfect.