EJEAS FBIM Soccer Referee Bluetooth Communication Systems

EJEAS FBIM Soccer Referee Bluetooth Communication Systems

EJEAS FBIM Referee Communication System is one of EJEAS® Bluetooth communication systems product lines. Having been utilized for several years in many competitions, EJEAS® has become the premier communication system for many referees.

This referee communication system was specifically developed to meet requirements of professional referees.  EJEAS FBIM is composed of Bluetooth intercom with microphone headsets and accessories. The EJEAS FBIM weight only 180g or 6.35 oz and measure 16.6 × 10 × 6 cm or 6.5 x 4.0 x 2.4 inches. These small dimensions and sleek design make you almost forget that you have the intercom on you while you are refereeing your game.

The  EJEAS FBIM Referee Communication System does not need a fixed installation or base station, and can be used instantly. It makes it possible to set up a continuous hands-free communication between the referee and his/her assistant referees for the entire duration of a game or competition.

Some of the best characteristics of the  EJEAS FBIM Soccer Referee Communication System are multi-person intercom system, full duplex talk, up to 4 users. In addition, the FBIM Referee Communication System’s strengths are instant speaking with nothing to press, excellent audio quality in a noisy environment, simple installation, light and robust design.

However, in addition to the high-end EJEAS FBIM Referee Communication System, EJEAS also developed two additional referee communication systems that you may purchase in EJEAS store, including  EJEAS V4C Referee Communication System and V6C Referee Communication System.  

V6C Referee Communication System is an entry-level communication system and allows to create a communication system with up to 6 users. Allows for instant duplex communication, 2-person intercom, 1 host switch 5 slaves. This system is lightweight and unobtrusive yet rugged and durable with a range of up to 600 meters.

V4C Referee Communication System is another high-end product providing excellent audio performance and designed for use by a team of up to 4 referees.  The V4C communication system features multi-person intercom, 4-person talk at the same time, elimination of extraneous noises (shouting and other crowd noises).

Regardless of which Referee Communication you decide to purchase in EJEAS store, you will receive a full set with all of the equipment, accessories and manuals that you need in order to start immediately using the system. And don’t forget that you can always email us, if you have any questions about any of the referee communication systems on sale.

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