EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom
EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom

EJEAS MS8 Double Pack Mesh Intercom

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SafeRiding APP

Download the EJEAS SafeRiding App on your iPhone or Android to set up your group and stay connected with your friends. Save time and enjoy your adventure even more!
Compatible with: MS8, Q2, Q7, V4 Plus, V7, E1+.

If you cannot access Google Play, click here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great product, great company

I have been using this device every day for a year and it works great. When I say every day I mean it, everyday that there isn't snow on the ground I am riding while using this headset. That means that this headset has gone through, hard rain, cold, and hot temperatures. The only problem I have ever had was one day after hard weather riding it wouldn't turn on, but even then EJEAS sent me a new one, trouble free. If I could give it more stars I would.

The iz
High Quality Headset

Did quite a bit of research before buying. This EJEAS MS8 is a very nice quality Bluetooth headset.Got the dual headset package. Installed them on 1/2 and full sized helmets. There are number of helpful videos on how to install and setup / pair.The sound quality was very loud and clear on intercom, phone calls and listening to music from iPhone. The large knob makes it easy to control sound, answer calls, etc.On customer service - asked for a soft copy of the user manual and promptly received the copy.Would highly recommend this MS8 headset.

Excellent Product

This product FAR exceeded my expectation. The following regarding "sound quality" is based on using an HJC IS17 Helmet:
The sound quality is above average for music, although not perfect. They are, after all, small speakers. When not moving, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the sound considering their size. Once moving over about 30 ~ 40, any bass response they had starts to drop out due to wind noise (my HJC is a very noisy helmet - this situation might be different with a better helmet). Although, the music is still listenable up to highway speeds in the HJC. I don't know if this is a microphone issue or a speaker issue, but the sound quality while having a conversation with another rider is not as good as it is for music. Once above about 55 to 60 mph on a Kawasaki Concours, I cannot hold an understandable conversation with another rider; it is not loud enough AND it is muffled. I do not seem to have the same issue with music - the speakers are always clear and they get quite loud. Personally, I think the microphone is so sensitive that the person talking "blows out" the sound, because people tend to talk louder when the wind noise is loud (just a thought). But overall, the mic does exceedingly well with noise cancellation. The person on the receiving end of a phone call at 40 ~ 50 mph cannot really tell I am on a motorcycle; I have no experience with a phone call above that speed at the time of this review.

I use these to have a conversation with my passenger only - no bike to bike. So my review is only for that scenario. I had ZERO connection issues between the units and from the units to my iPhone. The two units connect to each other with the push of a button. And each unit pairs with an iPhone with the push of a button. I have never had any issues with a lost connection between the two units or the iPhones they are connected to.

I have gone on at least 4 rides where I have had them turned on for at least 4 to 6 hours per ride, and the battery is STILL above 50% according to the units. Sometimes I was listening to music, other times they were on standby for conversation with my rider - so it was mixed use. Battery life is excellent.

Mounting on my HJC IS17 was simple and easy. I am very happy with this purchase. Hopefully, with a quieter helmet, these would be even better.

Nice Product

Original product 💯 Makes my helmet even cooler!


What can i say? They sound decent, get decently loud, people can hear me clearly when i go 65 mph, and install was a breeze

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